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Supervision and training

We can be of service in supplying an on-site supervisor when erection of the systems is performed by a third party contractor. ICE-BT can be made available during the different stages of the build, starting from erection, to commissioning and eventually start-up of our installations. Our engineers are not only trained and experienced in the mechanical aspects, but also understand electrical matters, control systems and instrumentation.

Our involvement does not stop when all equipment has been put in operation. Our engineers will travel all over the world to assist you with the maintenance of our supplied equipment or providing on-site training on our installations.

Site erection and commissioning

The site erection of our installations can be carried out by Ice-BT. We organize the complete erection of our equipment from unpacking up to the assembling of the sun roof in the end. Our qualified colleagues have considerable experience, based on performing erection tasks throughout the entire world. When erection has been completed, works can continue by commissioning of the installation in one effort. All key items can be commissioned by our own personnel. If required third party specialists or backup from the original equipment manufacturers will be brought on site to acquire optimal performance of the entire installation.

Spare parts

In addition to the supply of the spare parts, we supply all spare parts needed to maintain your installation or any other part of previously supplied equipment.


Together with you, ICE-BT draws up a product maintenance programme. This is done to avoid disruptions to your production, thus saving money.
The multilingual team from ICE-BT includes inspectors and engineers covering all our customers worldwide.

ICE-BT also recommends periodic maintenance to ensure optimum performance of systems in industrial environments. ICE-BT offers the following maintenance services:

• Inspections
• Refurbishments
• Preventive maintenance
• Facility upgrades
• Repairs


Inspection of fuel lines

All building owners bear the duty of care on the safe operation of fuel lines. The new Building Act indicates that the owner is responsible for the safety and safe operation of its fuel lines and fittings , a responsibility that many are not aware of.

EBI and PI Inspection combustion installations

Inspection of combustion installations above 100 kW is legally required.

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