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Radiant tubes

A complete program of casted, seamless or welded radiant tubes covering U, W, P and other tailor made models. Suitable for process temperatures up to 1200 ºC.

Radiant tubes are used in industry for heat treatment applications in which products are treated under a protective gas atmosphere within heat treatment furnaces. Therefore the heating of such furnaces are performed with indirect fuel-fired systems or electrical heating elements. For indirect fired applications, the flue gas of the combustion process cannot enter into the furnace. The combustion takes place within radiant tubes and the heat is transferred—via radiation—from the outer surface of the tube to the process. There are different types of radiant tubes available. For all types the maximum transferred heat is one of the important features of such systems. That means that the maximum radiant tube temperature and the temperature uniformity are important characteristics of radiant tubes.

The efficiency of radiant tubes depends on the flue gas outlet temperature. The lower the flue gas temperature the higher is the efficiency of a combustion system. That means as much as possible of the provided energy must be transferred via the radiant tubes to the process and the flue gas outlet temperature must be as low as possible Radiant tubes are used in industry for different heat treatment processes with a protective gas atmosphere in steel and nonferrous metal industry. Radiant tubes are fuelled with natural gas, LPG, or light fuel oil. Process heating with radiant tubes leads to lower energy costs compared to electrical heating systems.

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