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New innovative PMP-unit


This new innovative PMP-unit is suitable for various applications

  • Transport of liquid metal.
  • Circulation of liquid metal.
  • Efficient in-line dosing of alloy materials in liquid metal.


With the PMP (Permanent Magnetic Pump) , liquid aluminium and other liquid metals are set in motion without direct contact. By the use of the Lorentz-forces the kinetic energy of the magnetic field will be transferred to the liquid metal. Therewith the energy efficiency and maintenance shall be very positive. The result of this, the PMP-unit shall become an important link in your production process.
The possibilities of the PMP are endless. Do you want to know exactly what the use of this technology could mean for your company : we would like to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities of the PMP in your process.

Advantages of the PMP

The pump offers every manufacturer and user of liquid metals in the manufacturing process an advantage.

1. Minimal maintenance and little to non-wear by the absence of contact between medium and moving parts of the pump.
2. Efficient in-line additioning of additives
3. By using permanent magnets, deposition of metals will be prevented.
4. Energy efficient pump principle.

With an installed capacity of only 5kW we are able to transport as many as 48 tons of liquid aluminum per hour.

Areas of expertise

Aluminum oxidation, safety guidelines, nozzle mix burners, solenoid valves, exhaust control valves, insulation, gas flow meter, hotairburner, aluminum melting, melting temperature, flameless oxidation, infrared radiation, custommade furnace, gasburner , fuelsaving  , service, maintenance, electrodes, pilot burner, oilburner, oil/gas burner, process temperature, exhaust temperature

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