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Hot air burner

Hot Air Generator for various types of purposes

The HV burners are Hot Air type burners, ideal for generating high volumes of clean hot air. Applications include dryers, ovens, and similar industrial processes.
The HV burner offers significant improvements in the reduction of CO emissions.

  • A big turndown ratio 100:1
  • A very good temperature output
  • (overall difference less then10°C)
  • Very good temperature and volume control.
  • High volumes of air.

There are different models of discharge openings available depended on the application and process requirements.

The HV burner is:

  • direct spark ignited.
  • complete with burner gas train.
  • complete with burner air train.
  • complete with burner process air train

Hot Air Generator, type HAG:

This table-model system produces a relative small amount of air with a high and very reproducible temperature, with natural-gas as a heating source. Since the cost of gas is much lower per kW, the operating cost of gas-fired hot-air generators are much lower than the electrical fired systems.


Areas of expertise

Aluminum oxidation, safety guidelines, nozzle mix burners, solenoid valves, exhaust control valves, insulation, gas flow meter, hotairburner, aluminum melting, melting temperature, flameless oxidation, infrared radiation, custommade furnace, gasburner , fuelsaving  , service, maintenance, electrodes, pilot burner, oilburner, oil/gas burner, process temperature, exhaust temperature

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