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Custom made gas fired IR burners.

Gas Infra-Red emitters:

ICE-BT Infra-Red emitters suit the ambition of the textile and the carpet-industry to the increase of flexibility of machinery, to decrease of space needed for the machines and the use of energy-efficient production machinesThe ICE-BT Infra-Red gas emitters are based on the principle of surface combustion where an air/gas mixture is burning inside a matrix made of  FeCr alloy metal-fibers which produces an uniform and homogeneous IR emission. The use of the metal-fiber combustion matrix makes the burner self-cleaning, so contaminations in the combustion-air and process don’t affect the burner operation.


Why use ICE-BT Infra-Red emitters?

  • The use of our IR-emitters make flexible production runs possible because of the fast response time so on/off switching processes can be controlled excellent.
  • Fast production changes are possible because of the fast cooling and heat-up times (1 sec).
  • The IR-radiation penetrates the material deeper so a more compact machine can be build.
  • Capacity-increase in existing production-lines is possible because of the relatively small emitters.


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