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Melting aluminium is an high energy consuming process. When engineering aluminum furnaces ICE-BT pays close attention to the design of furnace, the refractory, the burners and the control. Our practical approach and process knowledge results in efficient, clean and safe processes.

We design furnaces for our partners and customers, depending on production needs. Our furnaces can be foreseen with recuperative burners, regenerative burners or cold air burners. The choice of the burner system is determined for optimal production.

All the safety guidelines are respected, including European emission guidelines and local emission levels. The complete furnace can be foreseen with an PLC system to obtain flexibility and logging of all the process parameters.

Areas of expertise

Aluminum oxidation, safety guidelines, nozzle mix burners, solenoid valves, exhaust control valves, insulation, gas flow meter, hotairburner, aluminum melting, melting temperature, flameless oxidation, infrared radiation, custommade furnace, gasburner , fuelsaving  , service, maintenance, electrodes, pilot burner, oilburner, oil/gas burner, process temperature, exhaust temperature

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