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The objective of waste incineration processes is to reduce or eliminate waste products. The incinerator is not only fired with burners, but also with the energy of the waste material. However, waste usually has a low heating value, hence the need for supplemental fuel. Incineration is a complicated and dynamic process compared to other industrial combustion processes because of the variability of the feed material. Because of the complexity of incineration, ICE-BT evaluates each project on its own to determine the best solution for each particular set of conditions.

ICE-BT supplies, designs, manufactures, installs and commissions, new incinerators or upgrades existing incinerators. Complete with the control and automation of the incineration process. In the process design it is our objective to use the generated heat in process to reduce the carbon footprint of each system. When designing incinerators we supply to the applicable standards and foresee:

  • Safety of your system
  • Energy efficiency of your process
  • Atmosphere control
  • Possibility of data logging
  • Possibility of control on distance


Areas of expertise

Aluminum oxidation, safety guidelines, nozzle mix burners, solenoid valves, exhaust control valves, insulation, gas flow meter, hotairburner, aluminum melting, melting temperature, flameless oxidation, infrared radiation, custommade furnace, gasburner , fuelsaving  , service, maintenance, electrodes, pilot burner, oilburner, oil/gas burner, process temperature, exhaust temperature

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